Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Blog For Army Security Agency Veterans - ASA LIVES!

This is the first entry. Hello to all Army Security Agency (ASA) Veterans who may be passing through. Leave your thoughts, questions, ?? here.

Beware this is an open public forum, no place for revealing secrets you once knew and are probably all public by now anyway, but we are not in the position to decide that.

ASA LIVES! on the internet, in our hearts and memories, and now ... in this new blog.

If we had blogs "back in the day" we'd never gotten anything done!

Last note, use as you wish. I assume no responsibility for anything anyone else posts. This offer subject to removal at any time as the honcho to the blog sees it. Use, but please don't abuse! Thanks!


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Babyhuey said...

I also just stopped by to say Hi.
Dick Lindgren (Babyhuey)
146th AVN. CO. (RR)
Davis Station
Long Thanh North
2/69 - 09/70
crewed U8's and was one of the flightline Sgt. at Long Thanh

Anonymous said...

I also was one of thew chosen.....
ASA Frankfurt "71" sat at the gate on Mids
ASAFS Augsburg "72 - 73" various jobs (no billet for my MOS 52B20 ended up in the motor pool assigned to Co E
ASAFS Vint Hill Farms "73-74" 370th ASA, motor pool Generator section

Bob Mason said...

Hey, great beginnings for a blog. I'm trying to seek out any ASA
05D's that were stationed at Fort Devens from 1969 to 1970, Schelswig, Germany from 1970 to 1971.

Bob Mason

WilliRN said...

I am looking for anyone who played basketball for Field Station Berlin 1967-69. Would like to try to have a reunion.
George Williams (I pretended to be the coach)

wiles.ra.t said...

Looking for ASA 12th Chitose vets -there in 1957-1959.

Did you know Joe Scolaro-E4 "Ditty Bopper" from Michigan??

danpage0 said...

Does anybody know what happened to or where he might be, a Larry Rhodes whom I knew in the 175th RRG in 1971?

Another guy I have wondered about is Willie Toussaint from Karamusel, Det 4-4. Ed Fielding and I have been looking for him for a long time, but haven't been able to come up with any information at all.

Dan Page
Just another ditty bopper.

rdmcgraw said...

Great idea, Vern.
I've been looking for William (Bill) F. Beard, Cpl, stationed at Rothwesten '58-1960, an 059. Anyone know what happened to him?
Ron McGraw, (059, 507th, 318th, Schneeberg, 319th) 1958-1960.

Bob Mason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donald said...

Former ASA 05D stationed in Pleiku and Phu Bai, Vietnam in 1967-68; Ft Bragg, NC for 6 mos; Schleswig, Germany 69-70; discharged at Homestead, AFB, Fla. Retired at Ft Devens, MA in 1990. My good buddy, Robert Mason and I were stationed together in Schleswig and found each other after 37 yrs on Vern's site. The war stories are endless but we hooked up again and have been in touch constantly. ASA all the way!

Bob Mason said...

Hey Donald Bradshaw:

Glad to see you made it to the blog. Maybe we can round up some old Army buddies, especially from Schleswig. Anyone out there?


Jimmy said...

Just found this...great idea. Was with HHD 224th Avn Bn (RR). Assigned to personnel. Helped move them from Davis Station to Long Thanh North...what a trip that was. There from Apr 68 to Feb 70.

ASA All the Way....was in Hawaii when we had to start saying that.

Richard said...

Do you you remember the guys from 146th that work in the Oderly Room? Ron Snavely, Frank Wallace, Ricky Bennette. I have been in contact with these guys, held a 30 year reunion in 1999, had about 40 guys show up over half brought spouses, a great time. Have had a few smaller get together, matter of fact just came back from Vegas last week. Have a list of about 100 people who served with the
146th and sister companies.

Dick Lindgren (Babyhuey)
146th AVN. CO. (RR)
Davis Station
Long Thanh North
2/69 - 09/70
crewed U8's and was one of the flightline Sgt. at Long Thanh

Jimmy said...


Snavely sounds awful familiar to me. I have contact with my best bud there, Ken Gunn, on a regular basis. We live just a couple of hours apart.


Rick said...

Just dropped by for a look see. I was 059 and at Devens 4/40 to 11/60 then Shemya 12/60 to 11/61 then on to lovely Vint Hill 1/62 to 1/63 when I got out. Would love to hear from anyone that was stationed where I was during the time frames I was. Thanks for listening.

Dave Hershey said...

05K20S2 Devens 66-67, Torri 67-68, Two Rock 68-69, Vint Hill 69, Herzo Base 69-72(SRU-20A White Elephants) also at Bad Aibling later. NSA 72-74. Hey I found a guy that will make quality ASA patches of Units for only $4.00 ea. no minimum. Email me @ Domino Nines @AOL.COM if you want to see pics of patches he made.
Dave Hershey in Jax, Fl.

Anonymous said...

I went to the first 1401 computer school (MOS - 983.10) at Fort Devens. Was there from 3/62 until 1/63 when I was levied to Frankfurt. Lived in Gutleut Kaserne and worked in Dachsbau building behind IG Farben building until 12/64.

Woudl love to hear from anyone who remembers those days.

Larry T said...

Another old LFCF here. Monterey to Devens to Sinop to Udorn to Devens 1967-1972.

Neil said...

Was in the Badnerhof Kaserne with the 507th USASA Grp from 1959 to 1961. Just a clerk typist (company clerk)and had a great tour. Heard that the Kaserne is gone--too bad.
Neil Boot

namvet23 said...

Was an 05H instructor at Devens in 65-66. I was also assigned to the unit that formed up at Devens to go over to Nam (Unit designation escapes me at the moment). I was accepted for Flight School just before the unit shipped over and so I ended up in Nam as a pilot rather than a ditty-bopper...


R Figulski said...

I am looking for the members of Class R-12-38-D army Lang School who served in Lubeck, Germany from '54-'55

Anonymous said...

Need to contact Ken Gunn. I see that Jimmy has his contact info. Would someone e-mail it to me?

I would also like tro find anyone serving at Bad Aibling between 1965 and 1972. I have a list of over 130 and still growing. There is a blog at

Jimmy said...

Kerry, Just spoke with ken and neither of us seem to remember your name LOL...getting old I guess. He okayed me to give you his email...don't like to pass on without their ok.

Jimmy Caines

roadrunner said...

I missed VietNam by one name. Lloyd, Lyons and Morrison went to Asmara, Ethiopia. Everyone else to Vietnam in late 1970. Anyone know of whereabouts of Lyons or Morrison ( I am Lloyd ). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello....Larry Wallen here. 330th rru Pleiku 66-67 Advanced party from Ft Wolters...Hertzo 67-69...Ft Devens before that...O5h20. Any advanced party people out there....

panamacat said...

Hey, Bill Carpenter here. I was at TRRS in '51-52; AHS '52; Scheyern 8608 AAU '52-'54. Would like to connect with anyone who was at these places at the same time I was.

Grandpa Vigus said...

I was at Bien Hoa in the 175th from 7/68 to 2/70 and then went to Augsburg, Flak Kaserne till '71.

Bill Vigus
Deposit, New York

Reg Wallace said...

Looking for my old buds from Co.B North in Korea 67-68. I went by my middle name Gary. I sang in the ASA floor show and tried to keep the generators running up at the site with a big hammer and a fifth of Jack.

Mike M said...

looking for anyone from 509th/Davis Station/Whitebirch from July '69 to July '70. Live in the hooch at Davis Station and for a while at MACV barracks.

Bud said...

Bud Levin
76th SOU, Shu Lin Kou AFB, 62-64

Looking for others with whom I served.

Donovan said...

Field Station Bad Aibling Sep 1967 to Aug 1970. Monterey Mary 98G German. Did SBI intercept with ditty bops for three years. Got out, went to college, finished my degree, figured out the civilian world was too nutty, returned to the Army in 77 retired in 95. Went back to Monterey for Polish in Monterey in 1984 then got sent to Fort Hood where they were using Polish lingies in the motor pool, so I went back to being a GM lingie with a tactical MI unit.

Anybody from Bad Aibling FS 67 to 70 timeframe?

John said...

Stopped by to say hello and see if there were any of the guys from my old units. I served from 1975 to 1978 in 2 ASA units. One was in Ansbach Germany and I think it was the 202 ASA company. The other unit was at Ft. Lewis and I think it was the 335th ASA company. I might have these reversed but I'm looking to say hello to anyone who served in these units. I did not have an agency mos, I was a 76Y but it was generally good duty.
Drop me a line at

Danny said...

Danny McDonald here. Another LFCF. Fort Devens in 1970 then to Arlington Hall Station 'til 1973. I can't recall the unit designation or MOS number but I printed secret documents in the same building with NSA.
From Muncie, Indiana

Mr Puma said...

A Mile High Howdy Folks. Kevin Rodgers here. I was going thru diddy-bop school at Devens 74-75 when they decided I wasn't cut out for it. Must have been because of the Mill that grew wings and flew out the window one cold february morning. Anyway, I wound up at the Palace (Arlington Hall) and was trained as an 03C20 Rec Services. They shipped me out to the 7th in Nov 75 and and after four months was sent back to the Hall after we got the shut down notice. I wasn't the best of soldiers while I was there, but I turned the corner back at the Hall and gained a lot of self respect that I never had. I saw the birth of INSCOM while I was there. Those were, in an odd, perverse manner, the best three years of my life.

Larry said...


I very much like to hear from anyone who was with ASACUJ at Camp Drake, Japan from 1966-1971. You can email me at:


Bill Rose said...

Hi ASA Guys,
I am not ASA but USAFSS I lived at the ASA house in Taichung Taiwan and worked at the DF site. I repaired the DF and Radio equipment. I was wondering if anyone knows any of the ASA people from the site. I was Sgt. William Rose but I
was Known as "Bill"
I have been trying forever to remember the model number of the DF equipment at the site , but age has dulled my memory, if you re call let me know.

Jim said...

I'm Jim Marsh
3d RRU, Tan Son Nhut 8/62 - 10/62
3d RRU Det 1, Danang & Phu Bai, 10/62 - 2/63
Ditty Bopper.

Are there any of us old-timers on here who helped move Det. 1 from Danag to Phu Bai over the one-way mountain? I've contacted Lon Ludwig, Orin Abbot and Barry Glen Jackson, but would love to hear from some other of us old ducks.

If you don't know the story of the one-way mountain, when we moved from Danang to Phu Bai we had to go over a pass on a road which was BARELY wide enough for a 6X6. The bridges didn't have curbs or berms of any kind, and in places it would have been a drop of a thousand feet or more. There were less than 2 inches from the outside of the tires on both sides of a 6X and eternity! For one hour all traffic went up both sides of the mountain. Then all traffic was stopped going up the mountain so the traffic at the top could come down, and the cycle was repeated all day. There was a "Howard Johnson's" at the top. One day as six of us were hauling equipment over the mountain. we had purchased cokes and were savoring them when a series of loud "BANGS" went off just up the hill. We were under the vehicles in record time, weapons at the ready and prepared to "Give our all for King and Country". We finally found that the bangs were the result of five ARVN in a machine-gun nest throwing a string of firecrackers to celebrate -that was our introduction to the later-famous holiday of "Tet".

At 71 I'm too old to go tothe sandbox, much as I'd like to, but I can still Ride the Harley with the Patriot Guard Riders.

"All The Way"!

grumpy said...

Just another drop-in looking for old friends. Stationed in Frankfurt -Gutleut Kasern 9/63 till 11/63 then sent to Rothwesten 319th ASA BN HDGCO till 12/65. MOS/982. Looking for old roommates and friends. Anyone know the whereabouts of a Ron McGuire, Lou Lutenbacher,Ken Lineberg or Ray Oeth? All 982s

grumpy said...

Correction to previous post, the roomates name is LOU LACHERMAN NOT lutenbacher- sorry

Catluvs2sign said...

I would love to hear some of your stories, or have some comments from you. I am currently working on a research paper on the ASA. Very intriguing!

My father was a POW in Korea for 3years. He was in the Army.

Please, send comments to:



kevin abbott said...

just stopped by to say hi
kevin abbott
was with the following units
138th avn co (rr)
usaasa co (avn)
7th rrfs (avn section)
146th avn co (rr)
1th avn co (rr)
usaasa co (avn)
was fixed wing mos (67g30)
ret from the army in 1984

Becky said...

Hey Vern, just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you that one of the 326th ASA guys was excited to see the Ballad on YouTube. You do good work!
Merry Christmas from one of your "youngsters."
Becky Pittman
326th ASA/511th MI BN/Alamo Field Station

Linh of DLIWC said...

Tom Ellis (George T on the orders).
335 RRC, Cantho. I have made it to 2 335 reunions. Few of us from 1971-1972 were there. Am looking for Tom Johnson, fellow lingie and Ron Goulden who survived Vietnamese language school with me. Am on Facebook (Tom Ellis, Midwest City, Oklahoma)

Max Teders said...

Hey Vern, I was at FS Augsburg from Sept. 73 to Sept. 75 as 05H (but living in the 05K battalion).

Connie Jo said...

Hi! I am Connie Jo Popham and thought I would see if I could connect with some ASA Buddies. I was at Devens (72-73); Gordon (73), MOS 72F was later changed to 72E; Sinop (73-74) and Bragg, 313th ASA Bn (74-75). Would love to hear from y'all.

David said...

Dave Sherrill
Devens 75-76
Pyongtaek-Uijongbu-TongduChon-Yongsan 78-81
Devens 91-82
Bragg 82-83

charles said...

Charles Trimble stopping by. Just found the blog.

Sep 66 - Mar 67
Ft. Devens - Ditty City during the day and then Rever Hall at night! Revisited Ft. Devens about 3 years ago and what a change! It's hardly recognizable, turned over to the National Guard and civilians.

Apr 67 - Dec 1967
8th RRFS Remember sleeping on the shatter walls as the trailers were so hot? The Marine ammo dump blowing up for 3 days? No water at night? Magilla Gorilla?

Dec 67 - Nov 68
146th Avn Co (RR)
Still laugh about Babyhuey and the Dong Cart brawl! No more using the trench as a urinal after TET 68!

Nov 68 - Jan 69
45 day transit leave. Good to be out of it for a month and a half!

Jan 69-May 69
FS Homestead
To much BS in the stateside Army! Heard about John Fisher being shot down and immediately put back in to go back to NAM and the 146th. Heard about John over broadcast radio as I was passing by Orlando on the way home for a 3-day pass.

Jun 69 - Jun 70
146th Avn Co (RR)
Tim Brown and Phil Croskey where are you? Move Long Thanh North...nickel night in the "club"! Been in touch with and lost contact with Ron Snavely. He's somewhere here in Florida also.

2 year break in service. Don't like being a ditty chaser but that's the only way they would let me back in!

Jan 72 - Jul 73
FS Augsburg

Jul 73-Dec 74
Wobeck Det (Germany)
Wonderful "hardship" tour!

FS San Antonio Jan 75 - Dec 76
Dislike being a ditty chaser even more!

5 year break in service (hard learner).
Crossed over to 11C and Airborne Infantry - loved the Infantry!

Nov 80 - July 81
Ft Benning, GA (Infantry training)

July 81 - Sep 83
A/2/325th Inf (Airborne), 82nd Airborne
Gallant Eagle '82 - Ouch!!

Sep 83 - Dec 85
Ft Benning (Drill Sergeant)
Loved it! Best job in the world.

Dec 85 - Jan 88
Ft Bragg, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment (Delta)
Great people and wonderful unit to be a part of.

Jan 88 - Feb 93
Indiana University Southeast (ROTC Instructor) Take care of yourself for after retirement cause the Army won't!

That's the basics of the Army career. If I should know you feel free to email If in Florida, look me up!

Babyhuey said...

Hey, Dick Lindgren (BabyHuey) here. See Snavely offen, you are correct about him being in FL. Give me a shout. 770-645-0029 work #, but I work out of my house.

Fra Chris said...

Hey, everyone!

It's great seeing some of these names again. Wow! 40 years ago!!!

I have some sad news for all my buddies in the 330th; Donald "Fuzz" Leonard passed away in Sacramento, CA this past November.

Don and I hooked up a couple years ago thank to Vern Grueknke's Website. He even flew out here to Indiana for my daughter's wedding five years ago.

Please see Don's posting:

Fra Chris said...

Forgot to mention:

O5D20 and O5D30 SIT Section (Special Identification Techniques Operator)

330th Pleiku '68-'69

Handorf, Germany (Detachment) '69-'70

Rothwesten Field Station, Germany '70-'71

photoman said...

Glad to see we finally have a blogspot. Ft. Ord summer of 1962, two weeks out of high school, Devens from late August 1962 until leaving just before I turned 19 in April 1962. (God that was a long time ago.) Spent the next 26 months on Taiwan with the 76th ASASOU. Wonderful time, having R&T to Hong Kong was like leaving paradise to visit heaven.
Oddly enough, although we are a group on the yahoo e-mail I see very little of us on this or other sites.
Now if those people that create the t-shirts and other things would realize that some of us would like just one or two bumper stickers saying we're ASA vets or even a decal for the car window that would be nice. I'm not going to buy 100 bumper stickers. How about it guys?
Glad I was in the ASA during my Army time and sometimes wonder just why did I ever get out.
Best wishes to all of you out there.
My e-mail is: If you were on Taiwan, drop me a line.

Roghenry said...

I would like to find men from 8620DU, Frankfurt Germany, 54-56, especialy Charlie trick

Gary said...

Greetings all,

I was an 05D at Augsburg from 1974 - 1977, starting out in the 328th ASA Company, and getting moved to the 409th ASA Company. We were in Buidling 152 on Sheridan Kaserne (across from the movie theater and next to 1/67 Armor) then the company was moved to building 407 on Flak Kaserne.

I worked at Gabligen first on Trick 3, then Trick 4, and finished up my last year back at the company doing the tactical mission.

If there are any people out there who want to email me, my home email is:

I also heard the CSM Bernie Rector had died from a heart attack not long after I left Augsburg. He was a pain in everybody's ass, along with LTC Freeze.

Anonymous said...

I need to find the whereabouts of Bob Wylie. He was with me at the 318th, Herzo Base Germany , 1964 to 1967. If anybody knows anything, let me know.

Fox Johnson

flyboy35 said...

Hi everyone, just stopped in to have a cool one. I don't see any comments from anyone in Korea. I was with A Co. 321 ASA Bn with the 1st Cav. Div. as an 055. Duty on the DMZ at OP Mike and Cherry Herring, and on top of K-2 mountain from 55-57. Was sent to the 317th Bn, Hq Co at Ft. Bragg and to TDYSD at Cape Canaveral for missle testing. Would like to hear from anyone from either location from 54 to 59.

SP5 Dennis Griffith

Chuck Duke said...

Hey gang

Was at Devens from 1/64 until 1/65
Then on to Arlington Hall Station.
I would love to find shirts and hats for ASA vets.
Any ideas?


Rich G said...

I was one of those lucky guys who got "levied" into the ASA. I was a clerk typist in Nha in Trang 1970. After 40 years it's kind of hard to remember names. But if anyone out there remember HHC 313th RR BN in 1970 it would be nice to connect.

Garry & Zayna Cline said...

I would like to reconnect with an old friend, George Williams, from Walnut Creek, CA. He finished basic at Fort Ord in 1962 and entered ASA. I believe he was sent to the Phillipines.
Garry Cline

Robert said...

My uncle served in the ASA in the late 1950s in southeast Asia, Viet Nam, or otherwise. If anyone knew him or knows what unit he served with, please contact me. Part of his obituary is pasted below:

David L. Crowl, 71, of Dover OH died on February 3, 1010 at his home surrounded by his family. Born November 22, 1938 in Minerva,OH, he was the son of the late Harold M. and Eva M. (Dutton) Crowl. He started his military career in U.S. Marine Corps, where he served for 18 months and later joined the United States Army. He was a cryptologist and linguist for the Vietnamese and was part of the Branch of Intelligence ASA. He was honorably discharged on March 27, 1960.

Jeffrey said...

Jeff Paul
Was at Devens crypto analyst school in 71. 335th RRC Can Tho 71-72 then 332nd in Korea 72-73. Haven't been able to find anyone I was with there. Lived in the infamous hotel in Can Tho and worked in the bunker on base. Our motto "In God we trust, all others we monitor"

Garry said...

Is this the same Donald Bradshaw that when thru Ft Blevins MASS and again in Homestead Air Force Base? This is Garry Medlin Spec 5. If you are the same please email me I would like to hear from you. My email address is Hope to hear from you.

panamacat said...

Hey, Bill Carpenter here. I was at TRRS in '51-52; AHS in '52; 8608AAU from '52-54. Would like to hear from anyone who was at either of these places when I was. email me at

inusesneak said...

Larry was looking for anyone from ASACUJ I was there from 67 till 68 before going to 509 RR in Saigon but appears no link to get back to him

Wendell said...

Anyone remember Lt. Roy Weatherford at Arlington Hall, 1966-1968 ? That was my little brother, who was stationed there while I was stationed at USASTAG Bethesda, MD. We visited back and forth each weekend, crossing the downtown Washington, DC "combat zone".

Anonymous said...

Orville Groves

I was all over in my 20 years from 226th UsASA Opns co to FS Asmara. I recognize some of the names on here. Would like to find a SSG Nancy Dittmer last known at Ft Meade.

dob said...

After about 40 years its great reconnecting with a portion of my life I was starting to believe never happened.

Arrived in FS Augsburg in May 1972 (until Aug 1973) and was assigned to Co E as a 32F20 crypto geek. Lived on Gablingen in the old barracks for the first 10 months both in the barracks and camping amid the old buildings there with FSGT Gene Peckinpaugh, Lenny Clapp, and about 10 other families.

Hung out with SSGT Peter Binder of the motor pool (also at Sheridan). Met some of the most briliant people I ever knew, especially SSGT Richard J. Blews (deceased), a professional trucker from Pensyltucky.

Mike said...

Devens 11/64 - 12/64
Chitose 1/65 - 1/67
Rothwesten 2/68 - 9/68
Anyone still out there from this time frame

Jim said...

Does anyone know anything about SSGT Charles R. (Chuck) VanSickle? He graduated 058 school at Devens late summer or fall of 1962, probably posted either stateside or to Germany; his wife, Emly, is the best Italian cook on the planet! If you know anything about him or his current whereabouts, please let me know. jmstarwalker at

Daorganizer said...

May 2, 2010: I swas a ASA CU-J Sep 66 thru Aug 68
two differenet tricks and worked in S-2 under SGT Richardson, Lt. Franklin.
Let's see, trick supvr WO Frazier, SSG Tempe. Forgot the major's name.
Then there was the SSG in personnel with red hair.
It was a rush
Trips to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, clkimbed Fuji, dug Kyoto, Nara,Izu shimoda for starters
Al Semple, Joe Elliott, George Buddy, Craig Hurst, Sgt Deardorf,Ron Durkin...
anybody alive out there?

Daorganizer said...

Lou Wolf

Moe Turcyclist said...

33D '73 - '77

Ft Devens Sep 73 - Sep 74

Sinop Sep 74 - Aug 75

Ft Devens Aug 75 - July 77

Branch 4 instructor Sep 75 - July 77

Those people seeking friends with uncommon names may find them through

You will have more luck finding Zoltan Lazlo than you would John Baker

Free. Detailed info available for a fee.

hermpeg said...

greeting from an old vet, who was stationed at asmara fs from 1964-1966. then was stationed at homestead afb til 1968.
herman polly
hickory north carolina

TSUMRA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TSUMRA said...

"The Crazy Elephant, the Sidewinder aand Hungry Wanda"

Bartholomew said...

Wow! I recently retired an saw the comments on Asmara. I was Asmara 63-64, Arlington Hall 64-65, went to college later was in the NY ARNG as a Sgt in a 155 ARTY unit, an moved over to the USAFR as an NCO and wound ou working in the NYC financial district on 9/11.
I talked my way into the NY Guard after that and served 4 years.

Bartholomew said...

Sorry for the typos above,in my prior posting. If anyone from Kagnew or AHS who was there in the mid 60's, wants to get in touch, search the listings of ASA Vets, by first name, I am one of two Bartholomews and I am the only Bartholomew listed in New York State.
Good Luck to All!

Anonymous said...

I also was one of the chosen. Can you believe they let me stay as an instructor of 058 school at Fort Devens for remaining 2 years of my enlistment. Not sure how lucky I was though but did meet a great group of guys, including some sailors and marines. All in the 1955-1956 years. Anybody remember me? Sure was great to get to enjoy Lowell and Boston.

wade said...

Great job Vern
61-62 05H school, flunked, cause I
was told, 05K much better,so
graduated teletype op.
62-65 Bad Aibling 05K
65-69 Ft Devens, 05K instr, also
TTC instr 7 mo.
69-70 Sinop Turkey, Watch NCO
70-73 Ft. Devens, 05K instr.
73-75 Augsburg Germany, Plt Sgt
75-77 Ft. Devens, 1SG HQ CO
77-79 Shreveport, La, ASA Field
Now retired in Leesburg, Al
Any one who would like to
contact me, being good or
bad remarks may do so at
I have met some of the best
folks in the world during
the course of my service,
and I sincerely thank all
you who have served. Best
of luck to all. ASA!!!!!

James said...

ASA All The Way!!

05K20 stationed at Devens (69-70), Herzo Base FS (70-72), Augsburg FS (72). Looking for Fred Levy out of Texas.

Jim Mitchener, MSG, US Army Retired

cabledog said...

Just thought I would check in and see if any the guys from Hakata, Japan (14th ASAFS) were still around. I was there from 68 to 70.
Richard Green
35B20 test equip repair/ cal but mostly R-390
Down at the end of the “T”

Jack said...

Jack Moore here. Jim Marsh are you out there ??? I was in Phu Bai 62 63 also would like to talk to you. Ive got tons of pix. Im at or 415-883-0520 Jack

majarmy01 said...

I'm Steve Lent. I was in HQ, 507th ASA GP on the hill in Baumholder and when it moved to Flak Kaserne, Augsburg. I don't know if Dallas Scherck, Ralph (el grosso)Gainer, LTC Masters, James Young, Bob Convard, Agatha & Zelda, or the old man's driver Bat.... If any of the old 507th people are around, this S2 Clerk ended up with a 32 yr career.


tony sayers said...

Tony Sayers, 507th ASA Grp, Baumholder, Germany, 4/62 - 2/64
SP/5 MOS 342-345, Crypto repair geek. Just wanted to say hello to all, glad this is here.

paul said...

richard paul bean
northfield ohio now lakewood ohio
fort momouth 49
camp gordon 50
arlington hall 50
treste 51
munich 51
fort wadsworht 51
fort devens 52

Chris Walker said...

Dear Sirs
I am trying to track down a group of servicemen who were with the ASA in Augsburg in 1970.
A friend of mine and I drove a van from London to Istanbul that summer and stayed at the campsite just outside Augsburg, from 31st July to 3rd August.
A large group from the ASA was also there, including Gregg Thames, Dan, Bruce, Bill, Billy, Mike (from New York), Fish, Randy, Clint, Denis, Link,Bob & Steve and we spent a very enjoyable - and alcoholic - weekend with them!
These guys told me about many of the things they'd got up to in Bavaria, but as I don't want to get anyone into trouble - even 40 years down the line - I'd better not repeat them here! One of them, I know, has a US flag that was "repatriated" from an embassy in a different country! I was also taught the words and tune they'd made up about the colours of the ASA badge - again, I'd better not repeat them here!
A Canadian girl from Winnipeg, Barbara King, was also with them and at one point during the weekend, we all formed a five-level human pyramid with Barbara on top. Someone took a photo of this and I've never seen the result.
So, if anyone out there remembers the occasion and has a copy of this unique photo, I'd appreciate a print. Incidentally, I'm the bearded guy in the middle row!
Thank you for your help, and thanks also to a great bunch of Americans who shared their food, coffee & beer with two English travellers and also introduced us to the delights of bourbon - they even let me buy a half-gallon bottle of Jim Beam from them before we drove on to Turkey!
Yours sincerely
Chris Walker

Chris Walker said...

I'm looking for members of the ASA who were in Augsburg area in the summer of 1970. I am not a member of the ASA
Chris Walker

robert said...

I was in the ASA at Bad Aibling, Germany 1956, 1957, 1958. MOS 058.
Any one else?

tom said...

Tom Smith..
Great Site!!!
Ft. Devens (67) USASATC&S 33C40/Intercept Systems Repair training.
Assigned SAD-III (69) Deployed to Chitose (TDY)(69/70)for testing and commissioning/mission tasking of SAD-III.
Herzo Base (70/71).
Looking to contact anyone associated with SAD-III.
Special work...special people.

namvettet6768 said...

let me just start out with my deepest symphathys for the loss of ur wife. i lost mine in oct of 09'. here's my ASA trail...65-66 CRS KOREA, TRICK CHIEF, 66-67 CRS FRANKFURT, OPERATOR, 67-68 374th RRC, 6 MON.S TRICK CHIEF, 6 MON.S DET NCOIC [3RD BGDE, 4TH ID], 68-69 83RD RR SOU, TRICK CHIEF, 69-70 328TH RRC, NCOIC C/C, then ets'd back to states. SAD to say, not good w/names & faces, BUT...ALL GAVE SOME...SOME GAVE IT ALL...THE REAL HEROES ARE ON THE WALL! i salute all u guy's!

ADKER said...

Dan Tickner - Old Forge, NY - Vint Hill Farms in 1952, Camp Gordon in 53, Arlington Hall in 54-55.Would love to hear from any of my fellow rotor turners.

mtdoragary said...

I was ASA from 62-65, first at Devens, then at 9th ASA at Clark AFB Philippines, then at Support Group NSA, Ft Meadse. I went back in in 72 for OCS, got washed out for flat feet, and when I asked for assignment to ASA, they told me there is no ASA anymore. This was December 1972! Lying bastards. So I finished my tour at Ft Bliss and then Birmingham as a Recruiter. I've been retired from teaching now since 1999. Anyone remember Joe Brazil?

Roghenry said...

I spent 24 months & 24 days at 8620 DU, Frankfurt Germany from 54 to 56 I have not found any others from that era. Would like to exchange email if someone of this vintage sees this

Roghenry said...

I spent 24 months & 24 days at 8620 DU, Frankfurt Germany from 54 to 56 I have not found any others from that era. Would like to exchange email if someone of this vintage sees this

Garry said...

Garry Medlin stopping in to say hello to all ASA members. Once ASA, always. I was stationed in Ft Devins, Mass. in 1967, 05D20, then went to 7th RRFS in Udorn, Thailand fromm 1968 to 1969 and returned to Homestead AFB, Florida, the later part of 1969. While in the field I to obtained the 05H20 and 05D30. Bradshaw and I wintered the snow at FT Devens prior to Oakland AFB, California. I would like to hear from anyone from 7th RRFS during my time or any ASA member whishing to converse. I am retired now. ASA all the way....retired from Tn State Government. Living in Cookeville, TN.

Bob Mason said...

Hey Garry:
I missed you at Devens by 2 years. But, I was stationed with Bradshaw in Schelswig, Germany in 1970-1972.

We've been in touch since then..

Bob Mason said...

Hey Garry:
I missed you at Devens by 2 years. But, I was stationed with Bradshaw in Schelswig, Germany in 1970-1972.

We've been in touch since then..

kidkebec said...

happy new year to all ASA alumni from one of the 'original' ditty boppers! 2010 Det 27 Ankara, 60-62'

Garry said...

hey bob good to talk with you. Bradshaw was in devens with me and also in homestead, fla. didnt figure him for a lifer. but if i had it to do over i would have stayed. how was your holiday?

Bob Mason said...

Hi Gary: Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too. Yeah, Don was a lifer and lives just outside of Charlotte, NC in Gastonia.

I hope you guys catch up with one another.

Take care,

Bob Mason said...

Hi Gary: Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too. Yeah, Don was a lifer and lives just outside of Charlotte, NC in Gastonia.

I hope you guys catch up with one another.

Take care,

Bob Mason said...
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Garry said...

to fra chris=I knew a donald leonard in homestead afb/ may be the same guy/sorry to hear of his passing.the one i knew living just down the street and we went to mini stock races. I think he was from California to. From garry medlin.

Garry said...

Looking for any one who served in Udorn, Thailand at the 7 RRFS during 68 and 69. Some Names I remember, (kodus)(Voglesang) was in the same barracks. 05D and 05H diddy boppers. also I enlisted with a Corkey Northcutt and took training at ft jackson, lost contact with him. He loved those dice ......

bbell said...

Buttbiter says Hi
C H "Buddy" Bell
Ft. Myer 68-69
Vint hill 69
Asmara 69-70
Ft. Sill 70-72
Hello Motorpool Kagnew
esp. John Dever"Deaver"
sweet memories Fiori Bar, Queen Anne Scotch, Red Baron, Blue Max and "Crashed and Burned".

GKrafft1 said...

Would like to hear from anybody that was stationed at Giebelstadt, Germany from 1957 to 1960. I was also a member of the 318th ASA Bn. basketball team and the Herzo All-Star team during the 1957-58 and 1958-59 seasons. I also played for the ASA Big Blue out of Frankfurt during the 1959-60 season. Would like to hear from any members of those teams.

GKrafft1 said...

Was stationed at Giebelstadt, Germany (a substation of Herzo base) from 1957 to 1959 and at Herzo base during the 1957-58 and 1958-59 basketball seasons playing for the 318th and the Herzo all-star basketball teams. Was also stationed in Frankfurt during the 1959-60 basketball season. Would like to hear from any personnel stationed with me at those stations.

ronald said...

..__.. to my ASA family. just saw this blog and wanted to share ASA days. Names Ron Lenzner.

My 4 years of happiness covers the following:

1967 Ft Lost in the woods, land of misery
1968 Devens, ditty city, splinter city, and con 4. It's enough to bring a tear in the eye!
68 - 69 DET 4 - 4 ... suck it in Sinop guys!
69 - 70 8th RRFS ... does anybody recall the big dry hole in the ground? I'm certain some officer is still looking for his air conditioner. How about the "solar sunspots " caused a major heart attack for senior leadership and we were all lined with _MP's holding their guns on us. We were read the articles of war and they threatened to shoot us! The next offer was life in Levenworth. As I recall, the senior officer cadre was relieved of duty the next day.
70 - 71 Ft Hood Texas. I was sent off to tank school to drive a real ASA tank and raise terror in anything that got in my way; trees, deer, Lt's, snakes, or whatever. Hope this finds you all well , I have a Facebook page.
My email is ronlenzner@gmail. I live near ft meade and would to see new and old friends. Ro

opugeh said...

My Name Is Bernard Pyus Okeyo But Am Octopyus In The Facebook I Served In The Kenya Navy From 1994-2005 And Am Looking For Male & Female Friends Who Served Or Not Served In The Military. At The Moment Am Looking For A Company Which Recruit Ex Military Officers.

Carries Water on the Path said...

Just found this do good work Vern....gracias my friend.
I was in southern Japan Brady AFB, aka Camp Hakata from '57- '59.....
Had a pretty good time met some great guys....kept the friendships going for a few years after I returned to the Z I and then lost track....glad to know that some of the old timers are still alive and kicking :-0

Jack said...

Hello Everyone:
Just stopped by to let you know that the bumper stickers are a great way to meet fellow ASA members.
Jack Dietz
72-73 7th RRFS
73-76 337TH ASA..Ft Riley, Ks
76-78 408th ASA Canal Zone
78-80 American Embassy, Bangkok
MOS 72B, O5F

Jack said...
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linda said...


Leslie said...

Started 058 at Devins October 1962, pulled out of training and sent to Ft Bragg 313th ASA Btn, 326 ASA Company, with Cuba Missile Crisis on someone's mind. Stayed at Homestead AFB until discharge 1965. Seeking Perillo and other members of the Spanish Voice Intercept group 982.1668. Leslie A. Kelly

Leslie said...

Started 058 at Devins October 1962, pulled out of training and sent TDY to Ft Bragg 313th ASA Btn, 326 ASA Company, with Cuba Missile Crisis on someone's mind with 18th Airborne Corps. Worked out of trucks on edge of runway entire tour; station upgraded to 6th US ASA FS but we still worked out of trucks. Stayed at Homestead AFB until discharge 1965. Seeking Perillo, Ellis and other members of the Spanish Voice Intercept group MOS 988.1668 and changed to 98G2L68 before discharge. Leslie A. Kelly

Carries Water on the Path said...

Hello, just found this and I thought I would I say howdy....

Quinton Kruse, 1402 ASA FS Brady AFB aka Camp Hakata, Kyushu Japan.
Security Guard mos 951.

scott said...

All you ASA vets of 66-70. I was at Devens 66-67, played sports,became a 05D,went to Vint HIll, then 337thRRC,67-68. Ft.Bragg,Devens,Bragg, ets 70. I am looking for b-ball players for Lt. Zigarmi at Devens 66? Football as well.Also, 337th 05d PRD-1 67-68 : Mingo, strick, Hagell, Walker, Cliff, Stevens,
Hedrick! Great job Vern,good idea to have this blog.

Pete said...

Hello all
Logt time ASA
Wheel Vehicle Mech 63B
Bad Aibling 69-70
201st Security Company 70-72
Vint Hill 72
408th ASA SOD 72-73
7th RRFS 73-74
400th ASA Co. 74-76

Computer Operator 74D
Arlington Hall 82-84
Filed Station Kunia 84-87

87 Retired

Gier said...

Just found this blog. My husband was ASA at Sinop and then at Vint Hill. He has passed away but I would love to connect with old friends. Dan was in Sinop 68-69 and Vint Hill 69-71. While at Vint Hill wee lived above Mr. Mayhugh's store and then one of his houses
Pam Gier Boyd
Wife of Danny Gier

jiminy1946 said...

I was stationed from July 66-68 USASACU-J 72B trick with SSG Stinson. Had a great time, many stories, remember Michael Martinson, Martin, Dearolf and others. Went to Ft Denvens back to school for computers ended my tour at AHS, discharged Jan 70. Anybody remember me please email to
Mike Iacovella

Kimé said...

My name is Kimberly Moore, first born daughter to ROBERT HARRISON MOORE JR. - I am seeking out anyone who might have information about my Dad - he passed away 13 years ago and his five kids are wondering what he contributed to in the Army (what he did, accomplished and so forth) We have very little information about this time period and his mother, now 94, doesn't remember much.

Please contact me should one of you bunked or served with him. I'd be honored to buy you lunch & learn about my Dad during that time.

He served between 1957/58 to 1962ish


Kimberly Moore
Robert Harrison Moore III
Tamara Moore
Jason Moore
Krystal Moore

mocomom56 said...

I know this is supposed to be for actual ASA vets, however my father is now deceased and I am trying to recover some of his medals that he never received. Of course there is no record of his service in ASA other than on his discharge papers, and only the info he shared with us. Also i am trying to find anyone who may have knew him back then. His name was Lawrence Kaven. He was an E-5 at the 13th USASA Field Station at Menwith Hill. The time frame is 1957-1960. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

Don B said...

From 1968-1972 was at Jackson, Monmouth, Camp Spade, 177th OPS CO, USASACU-J and several TDY as 32F.

Smokey said...

Hi everyone ~ This is SMOKEY AUMAND, ASA 72-74, BA. Mike Flynn, Steve Deshaies and you Anonymous guys! Came upon this site, and finally recognized a few names. GREAT. I coached the Little League Teams in 73 & 74, and the boy's WON the CHAMPIONSHIPS. Played on the Basketball Team with Dr. heydenreich and played on the Fast Pitch Softball Team. Yes - I remember the Down Hill Drinkers - I still have a Yellow Patch with the Skier on it. What about all the others; Steve Treisch, Tom Tresh, Howard 'Chip' Rowden, Grahm Grande, Joe Amato, Cindy Pease, Phil Pease, Sam Carrol, Victor Smith, George Vess, Al Bontorno, Doug Bowen, Richard Booth, Al Clarke, Harry Walker, Monldenaldo, Jim Diggs, Cheryl, Maryann, Debby Tavener, Ron Griffin, Joe Deshaies - one of the best men I ever known, Pat Lara, LaClair, Roger Gant, etc.,! Any of you guy's out there - jog down a few lines.

Smokey said...

Hi everyone ~ This is SMOKEY AUMAND, ASA 72-74, BA. L@@king to find anyone ( 72-74 ). Came upon this site, and finally recognized a few names. GREAT. I coached the Little League Teams in 73 & 74, and the boy's WON the CHAMPIONSHIPS. Played on the Basketball Team with Dr. heydenreich and played on the Fast Pitch Softball Team. Yes - I remember the Down Hill Drinkers - I still have a Yellow Patch with the Skier on it. What about all the others; Steve Treisch, Tom Tresh, Howard 'Chip' Rowden, Grahm Grande, Joe Amato, Cindy Pease, Phil Pease, Sam Carrol, Victor Smith, George Vess, Al Bontorno, Doug Bowen, Richard Booth, Al Clarke, Harry Walker, Monldenaldo, Jim Diggs, Cheryl, Maryann, Debby Tavener, Ron Griffin, Joe Deshaies - one of the best men I ever known, Pat Lara, LaClair, Roger Gant, etc.,! Any of you guy's out there - jog down a few lines.

kjdart49 said...

I was drafted into the ASA.
Ken Mattison, Sgt
HHC 313th RRBN
Camp McDermott, Nha Trang, Vietnam
June 1970 to July 1971
Did not get security clearance until October. Traveled around the country between base camps trading supplies, did odd jobs. Carried a PRC25.

mdsteva said...

Just stopping by to say hi.

I was with the 509th RR Group Davis Station VN Dec 71 to Dec 72, 72B later 72E.

Also, at Ft Mead NSA Jan 73 to Jan 74 where I reenlisted.

Additional training at DLIWC and Ft Devens.

Stationed with the 408th ASA Ft Clayton CZ from Nov 74 til 76,

Email adr: (Merle Douglas Steva). I am glad to see a site like this, thanks.

Booth said...

Smokey, Richard Booth is my dad you can find me at Reagan Booth-Porter on facebook and ill pass the mess on.

Ed Jackson said...

I was stationed with the 301st Communications Reconaissance Battalion (later changed to 301st ASA Battalion) from June, 1955 to October, 1956, at "I" Corps Compound, near Uijongbu, South Korea. Anyone who also served there during that time period...I would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact me at:

Ed Jackson
Marsahlltown, IA

Bob Blunt said...

I read as many posts here as I could stand. Is there a seach engine for the site? I was at Devens from April 1963 to December 1963. Was assigned to march our class of 058 & 059 from a brick barracks near the BX (name unk)to whereever they had all those old typewriters and earphones.

Was sent to 14th Field Station in Southern Japan (Kyushu--sp?)in 1964

Don't remember much or names. New ASA members were wearing ascots and had to sign up for 4 years.

Dean said...

If you leave a posting on this Web site saying, "I'd like to get in touch with so-and-so...", it's a good idea to also indicate an email address. I spotted a couple guys here I wanted to say "Hi!" to, but there was no way to get in touch with them...
My own ASA tenure was:
Sept 1966 - May 1967
Hakata (Japan)
June 1967 - June 1969
Sinop (Turkey)
August 1969 - October 1969
Karamursel (Turkey)
October 1969 - July 1970

Mike Schruth said...

I connected with one person in my unit, then me email address book and all messages were hacked and wiped out. The unit was the 337th Radio Reasarch Co attached to the 1st Inf Div, near Lai Khe in III Corps. I was there from Mar 1969 to Mar 1970 The name of the person was Paul Jarbow...Paul if you read this, call me or write Thanks Mike Schruth

Johnny Mosley said...

Just wanted to thank Vern for his work and dedication to this site,I'd put you in for the silver star if I could.Ft.Jackson )1/69,FtDevens 05k 69/70,Torii 70/71.VHFS Co.A .Thank God I was ASA Cant imangine going through that with anything less,My Full respect to anyone that retired with them after the death of ASA.

namvet69272 said...

Just wanted to stop and say hello to my fellow ASA brothers. T. Rios (namvet69272). Ft.Devens 69-70, 330th Nha Trang 70-71, USASAFS Sobe 71-72. 05H20. When I came to Sobe, my brother Santos Rios was stationed there and then he went to Japan (Hakata ??) he was in radio repair side of it. Johnny moseley sounds familiar but cant really say. Anyway just another LFCF "ditty bopper".

John Landkrohn said...

Hi Vern,

I agree with the guy who said you deserve a silver star. You've been the linchpin keeping the ASA veterans connected. I certainly appreciate all the work you've put into keeping the locator database going.

A heartfelt Thanks
John Landkrohn 32F
det-4 Sinop 1970
Peyongtek Korea 1971

Annette Hunt said...

I am the daughter Jim Hunt and am looking for anyone who might have known him (and family) at Wildwood Station in Alaska, at Clark in the Philippines, or at Ft. Devens (1958-64). Thank you!

Grandpa Vigus said...

Gtandpa Bill Vigus said...

I was at Bien Hoa in the 175th from 7/68 to 2/70 and then went to Augsburg, Flak Kaserne till '71.

Bill Vigus
Deposit, New York

RA Harkness said...

Ft. Ord Basic training 1/67-3/67'
DLIWC Presido of Monterey (Russian) 3/67-10/68; Joint Services Security School, Goodfellow AFB, TX (Voice Intercept Operator/Transcriber) 11/68-3/69; 320th ASA Bn, Bad Aibling 3/69-10/69; 319th ASA Bm, Rothwesten 10/69-11/69; Detachment L, Gartow 11/69-12/70

RA Harkness said...

Would like to hear from ASAers who were at Bad Aibling in 1969, Det L, Gartow 1969-1970.

kat79 said...

Hi! My name is Kat Miles and my father was Eddie Miles. He was statined at Mt. Meissner in the late sixties/early seventies. He died in 1982, and I was hoping to touch base with anyone who may have known him. Please email me at Thank you!

coastie2 said...

Hi, Looking for any RU-8D/RU-21D Mechs from 138th Avn Co (RR) mid 1968 to late 1970 and mid 1970 to late 1971 at 7th RRFS Avn Det in Udorn. Thanks hope to hear you.
Don Burnett -

Len said...

How many of you ASAers remember the TV show like Price it Right or one of thosese that the T V man asked one of the miltary men what he does in the miltary, And he response was that all day he stamps messages with a ruber stamp with red ink with TS ***** (it was taken out of service within 24 hours and we has new rubber stamps with TS ***** instead.(1967-69 time area).

Dennis Niederkohr said...

Just happened by this site and was pleasantly surprised. My name is Dennis Niederkohr and I was assigned to:
16th ASA Field Station Herzo 67-68
(full time job was courier run to Czech Border sites and Frankfurt)
856th RRD 68-69
175th RRC 69,
HQ ASA (DCOPS) Arlington Hall 69-70

Other than a couple of folks, I have pretty much lost touch with people I was assigned with. Even worse, I hardly remember by name, most of those I was stationed with in Germany or Vietnam. I can still recall many of their faces, personalities and maybe even, where they were from, but little else. Perhaps it is senility, but I hope just because it was a long time ago.

I am now a semi-retired US Civil Service employee residing in Florida. Over the years, I spent a great deal of time working outside the US and had some dealings with US Army folks. It is my understanding ASA no longer exists; at least as a distinct entity. No doubt, it will soon be another entry on the extinct cultures list.

If you are from any of the above units from about the same period, we may have some memories in common. It would be great to hear from you so drop a note.

Ellie Rae said...
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Unknown said...


Jimfuhl said...

Jim Fuhlbrugge says hello vets
1970-1971 Ft. Devens MA for ditty bop school- Then by choice
1971 for 8 weeks fixed wing mechanic school in Ft, Rucker, Al.
1971-1972 (May - May as I recall) at 146th AVN. CO (RR)
Long Thanh North with a 90 day stint at then end with 138th AVN CO (RR) Phu Bai (loved the chicken)
Crew chief of RU-8D RUDS (6 planes under my control as less chiefs came in and more left. Guard duty every 3 days ( night duty).
Entered as PFC - Left as Sp5.
Fort Carson Co. 1972- 1974.
Reserves from 1974-1975, Aurora CO. or
Now reside in Auburn WA after 30 years in CO.
High speed morse code
Di-di-dah-dit dah di-da = FTA= FIX THAT AIRCRAFT - And I did. Also flew RUDS as co-pilot for many many hours with very nice warrant officer (forgot his name and Captain Shepard). We named our hootch bar after him. Shepard's Den. If you were in Long Thanh you probably knew Bear Cat and when possible Vung Tao. Drop me a line if you like. Take care and "Welcome Home - HEROS! You Earned it!"

Sabot32 said...

Not finding many that were posted to Two Rock Ranch Station. I was there from November 1962 to Feb of 1965. Served with Robt Withem and Don Lowmiller as 058. Good duty.

Bill Carpenter said...

I was at Two Rock Ranch Station from '51until '52. Went to AHS and then to Scheyern, Germany. I was there until '54.

TheRoadWarrior said...

Brad Miller checking in. MOS: 05H20
Ft. Devens 10/67-05/68
175th RR Co.(Bien Hoa)06/68-06/69
156th Avn Co.(RR)(Can Tho)7/69-8/70
Two Rock Ranch Station 09/70-12/70
Vint Hill Farms Station 01/70-07/71

I've managed to keep in touch with a couple of guys that I served with, Birney Blind and Amzy Bland.

Hi to any of the rest that I spent some time with and names that I can remember, Bill Perry, Mark E. Young, T.K. Take care all.

bill vigus said...
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bill vigus said...
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bill vigus said...

Hi Brad, I served at the 175th RR Co with you July 68 - Feb '70 then went to FLAK Kaserne in Augsburg, GY

I knew Amzy Bland, Sgt Dan Sligar, Rog/Ken Boyd?, Norm Blowers, lots of others.

leonard bolds said...

hey dittyboppers. was special forces but ended up at Davis Station June'69 because a medic with TS clearance was needed. Worked @ Davis Dispensary until January '70 and moved Long Thanh North w HHH224th. We had no aid station so I was attached to 210th CAB as an extra body and 146th and 224th personnel @ LTN used the 210th dispesary. Bunked @ LTN with Ron Schell. As I was not involved or had no need to know, I didn't know many operators names, but the faces I remember are probably a lot different now. I am a retired electrician and prostate cancer survivor. Would love to make contact w personnel from those duty stations. So many great times, almost 4got there was a war going on. DEROSed 09/18/1970 and because IDL ETSed the day before. HA!
Leonard Bolds

Tony Coolidge said...

Hello. I am the son of Jeffrey J Smith, an ASA guy who was stationed in Phu Bai with the 8th RRFS in 1962-63 and at Shu Linkou in Taiwan in 1964 with the ASA. Anyone who may have known him, please visit this web site to see why I hope to find him.

If the web site doesn't work, maybe I need to make a documentary film.

Thank you!

Oscar said...

To Mike M, I was at Davis Station and worked at Whitebirch during 69-70

Dennis said...

Just stumbled across this site looking for some old buddies. I was at Ft. Devens the winter of '63-'64 then off to Taiwan mid-'64 as an 058 (I guess it's 05H now). Laughing now thinking about getting my "choice" of duty stations out of Devens. I chose Germany and got orders for Taiwan the next day.

However, Shu Lin Kou Air Station turned out to be a great duty station, I stayed until my service time was up.

Good memories!

SummerRain said...

One more 'Live Mission' for our legacy!


I am looking for another person(s) to do a Walk Across America. It's time to carry the American flag as we walk to remind everyone that we and others have fought and died for their freedoms and preserve the U.S. Constitution.

There will be a van for us to sleep in or, at times, sleep in a farmers field and time to time rest in a local motel. I will do the walking while one other does the logistics of driving the vehicle and we can switch off on the walking if you desire. It is estimated that donations received, as we continue our walk, will cover most all expenses.

It's time for one final grand act of patriotism by us. It will be our final legacy that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren and we'll be making history. For the first time, a walk across America carrying the American flag which has never been done before.

Join me and we'll do this together. Let's leave an image of bravery and glory for our children and grandchildren. We'll start in San Diego and walk to Washington, D.C. It is estimated to be a 6-month journey into history for each of us.

WALK ACROSS AMERICA will bring attention to what we are walking for. People talk of performing an act of heroism, but we'll be doing it. There may just the two of us or there could be 200 of us as we continue the walk. What a glorious image of so many Vietnam Veterans walking and carrying the American flag across America!

I served in Vietnam (Pleiku - Engineer Hill w/330 R&R) and I want to do become a part of history one more time. Do you? Contact me for the DETAILS so we can prepare
( ).

Anonymous said...

You guys make it really easy for all the folks out there.frontpoint security reviews

Charles H said...

Charles "Charlie" Hayward here ,,, just found this blog and it brought back many memories.
DLI Vietnamese - Jan 68-Jan 69
Goodfellow - Jan 69 - Jun 69 for 98G
371st RR - Jul 69 - Sep 69
146th Avn RR - Sep 69 - Jun 70
337th ASA Co - Jul 70 - Dec 72
DLI Russian - Jan 73 - Dec 73
Goodfellow - Jan 74 - Jul 74
337th ASA Co - Jul 74 - Jul 76
Ft Devens / VHFS (Tracer Round) - Jul 76 - Jul 78
Misawa FS - Jul 78 - Dec 80
Goodfellow - Jan 81 - Sep 82
1SG, Student Co, Ft Devens - Oct 82 - Jul 84
DIA, SIEP - Jul 84 - Jul 85
66th MI, Munich - Jul 85 - Aug 88 (Retired)
Remained in the 66th as a DAC thru Jul 99
Intel School, Ft Huachuca - Jul 99 - Jan 10 (retired)
CGI Federal, defense contractor (Hereford AZ) - Jan 10 - present
anyone desiring to contact me, ,,, ASA All the Way!!!

Unknown said...


YAMA here. Say were any of you stationed at Camp Drake Japan (ASACUJ) from January 1967-June 1971? If so, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Daorganizer said...

Yama: I was there sep 66 - sep 268 along with George Buddy, Al Semple,
I've made a couple of posts here.
Lou Wolf

Unknown said...


I arrived as a "nug" in January 1967. I was on Bravo Trick along with George Buddy and Alfie Semple. I don't recall your name, sorry. Were you on Bravo Trick, too? I will never forget January 1967 because I think that was when the North Koreans "captured" the PUEBLO. I recall "all hell breaking loose" in the comcenter when that happened. Were you a 72B20? I extended my tour at ASACUJ and ETS'd in Japan where I live for more than 30 years. Got tangled up in the English teaching business. I remember some wild nights on the "skids" outside the camp. Did you know "Micky" who at one time ran the MONROE bar? I am sure you knew Mama Toshi (Corner Bar), Sally, the Coal Mina and others whose names I can't recall now.

My personal email is:

Would enjoy hearing more from you.


Unknown said...



Unknown said...


Charles Cooper said...

Chuck Cooper here from Seattle. I started at Ft Ord in March 1972 for basic. Ft Devens 1972 to 1973, 7th RRFS Thailand Aug 1973 to Aug 1974, Ft Bliss TX at the Aviation Co hangar until my ETS in Mar 1975. I enjoyed the stories here, in particular the 7th Rock and Roll Freak Show. We are indeed unique, I've only run into about 6 ASA Vets since my ETS. My email is

Rocky said...

Rocky Campagna 05D30 68-72
Devens, Two Rock, Korea (Det A), Hakata .
Anyone ever hear of nil heard strikes besides Phu Bai

William Lamb said...

Hi,iam William lamb ,I was stationed 67-68 frakfurt Germany,worked in dist s-1as a cleck under staff sargent Inman.stationed in rothwesten 68-70 as 31j20 under SpBilly R Warren,would Like to hear from others of that,

Michael Zeigler said...

Just wanted to pass on to anyone who knew him that MSgt Joe Zeigler, (Who Billy Warren use to work for at Rothwesten and was also HQ Co 1st Sgt in 70-71), passed away of natural causes on 12 March 2013. He will be interred at Arlington National Cemetary on 15 April 2013.

William Lamb said...

Mike sorry to hear about the passing of MSGT Joe Zeigler.He helped me out a lot along with Billy Warren,I got married as a Sp/4 they let me live off post and help with my furnishings while I lived in Kassel Germany. He was an outstanding man.Do you know if Billy Warren is still around would love to contact him if so .

James West said...

Hello, just to say 'hay' to all my ASA friends out there. I was an 059 (later 05K) stationed at 9th US ASA FS at CAB from Jan 65 thru Aug. 66. Went to Torii Station from there. Would like to hear from all my old friends.

James McGrath said...

Hi; been long time since ASA. I was there from Sept. 57 till May 1960. worked in the Bird Cage - those years.

JHames P. McGrath-SP4. nice to see a Blog about ASA.

John Halsell said...

I was a 98B20 in ASA in Rothwesten 71-72 and Augsburg 72-73. Would love to hear from Rodney Ingebritson, Bernie Fenwick, Mike Cjanovich, Ron Brandt or Ken Gibson.

Ed D Spyder said...

Just saying hello- 31J20B3 313th ASA . We attend the Veterans' Reunion / moving wall Wickham Park, Melbourne FL each April say hi!

James McCartney said...

I was stationed in Berlin with the 78th USASA SOU in 1964. Does anyone know the name of the street where the 78th was located? Visiting Germany in October 2013 and would like to visit the site of the barracks.

Jim McCartney

Phil Davidson said...

Hi, Phil Davidson here...was at Devens in 1965, 3RRU Saigon and 175th RRC from march 66 to Nov 67. FS Hakata, 1967 - 1972 (helped close it), FS Misawa, 72 -74, 156th ASA at Ft Bliss, 75 - 80, FS Augsburg, 80 - 83, Torii Station, 83 to 86 (helped close that one too), 109th MI BN, Ft Lewis, WA, JTF Bravo in Honduras, Retired, Washington St Patrol, 1990 - 2002. Now own a specialty plant and landscape business. Live in Lakewood, WA and Mesa, AZ. Looking for some old buddies from Nam and Hakata: Dennis Schulte, 05D, Bob Tyner, Dave Castro, Ron 'Deacon' Earhardt, Willie Wilmonte, all 05Hs. my email:

Kent S said...

The Center for Cryptologic History hosts a biennial international symposium in October during odd-numbered years. The speakers and audience are a mix of outside scholars, current practitioners, retired veterans, and interested members of the public. Past symposia have had presenters from over a dozen countries. The theme for the 2013 symposium, to be held on October 17-18 at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory's Kossiakoff Conference Center (just west of Laurel, Maryland) is "Technological Change and Cryptology: Meeting the Historical Challenges." The conference will include sessions on "A Tribute to Alan Turing," a "Roundtable on Cyber History," "Bletchley Park," "COMINT and the Civil War," "The Cryptologic Legacy of the Great War Era," "SIGINT and the Vietnam War Era," and "A Technological Advantage: Historical Perspectives on Cryptologic Research and Development." In all there will be 21 separate sessions and over 70 presentations. Speakers will include scholars such as David Kahn and cryptologic pioneers such as Whitfield Diffie. All symposium sessions are unclassified and open to the registered public. A complete agenda and registration information will be available at the website or by contacting the POC below. For more information, please contact the Center for Cryptologic History at 301-688-2336 or via email at

Note also that the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation has an excellent program the day before ours at the same venue. For more information, see:

Larry Radka said...

Hi fellow ASA spies!

I was stationed at Rothwesten,near Kassel, West Germany with the 319th ASA Battalion, 184th ASA Company (the largest at the time) in 1964 and 1965; and then moved on to the 17th ASA Field Station at Mt. Messiner, Germany, overlooking the 5K border zone.

If you want to see a few more comments about Kassel and lot about airplanes, check out one of my Web pages at sometime.

Dean Kuhloie said...

Sept 1964 - August 1967
Last year at our Reunion in Georgia, in a weak and emotional state,I agreed to host the next 14th USASA FS Reunion. After a quick vote of opinions it was determined that mid September in Colorado was the choice.
The exact dates are yet to be determined but Gus Cone and I will get you informed as soon as possible. Hope to see you there....

John Newcomb said...

Hi everyone! Glad I stumbled upon this site.
I was in ASA towards the end.
'74 to '76: HHC, 504th ASA Group, Hunter AAF, GA - Comm Center (72E)
'76 to '77: 408th ASA Co, Canal Zone - Commo Plt (05F) with Jack Deitz
ETSed and played bass for a few years. When I went back in as a Polish 98G in '81, ASA was gone but not forgotten.
'82 to '86: Field Station Berlin. Best assignment EVER!
'87: Monterey for Russian.
'88 to '89: A Co., 522d MI Bn, Ft. Hood, TX - C&J Plt. Worst Assignment EVER!
'89 to '92: DLI, Monterey, CA - Russian Interpreter Course, then a stint as an instructor.
'93 to '97: On-Site Inspection Agency, Magna, UT - Arms Control Inspector. Great skiing and lots of cool TDY trips.
'97 to '98: U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russia - Cooperative Threat Reduction Office.
Retired in '98 and have been playing the bass for a living every since.
Great times. Great people. Great memories!

wayneo said...

Interested in contacting anyone stationed at site 23, just outside Ankara, Turkey from 1965 through 1967..thanks!

Pasqual Esposito said...

Pasqual Esposito
Served with 326 ASA 1962-1964 Spent only two weeks @ Fort Bragg before going to Homestead AF base in Fla.
Hello to any from my unit that come by.

Rick Waters said...






Rick Waters said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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joel wooldridge said...

Just saying hello. Was in Devens 4/70 to 12/70. Rothwesten 12/70 till the move to Augsburg. Left Augsburg in 2/73. Was 05k20.

tom said...

Look for any who assigned to ASA Special Activities Detachment III.
Was 33C20 Intercept Receiver Systems (AN/MLQ-90V System)

Leroy McMillin said...

Leroy (Zereaux) McMillin

Home town - Harrisonburg, Louisiana

I happened on this site while looking up something else I read in "Unlikely Warriors - The Army Security Agency's Secret War In Vietnam 1961 - 1973"

Army 1960 to 1963
Basic Training Ft. Leonardwood
055 and 058 School Ft. Devens
317th ASA Battalion Ft. Bragg
313th ASA Battalion Ft. Campbell

Navy 1965 to 1967
Naval Security Group NAVCOMSTAPHIL

Brief TDY at Da Nang

Had enough...

Now retired, living in Spring, Texas

I still have a soft spot for ASA and I've always maintained my silence about what we were trained to do. Fortunately for me, I saw no combat action but I did see General Westmorland drive by our NSG Quonset Hut at Da Nang. And he saw me. I was sitting under the wing of an F-4 drinking a San Miguel beer at 0900.

Just wondering if any of my old ASA buddies are still alive and well. I know of one, Jeff Undercoffler, and we stay in touch. Another is Hank Burk who started out with the NSG but re-inlisted in the ASA and retired there.

Small world, hopefully made better by our being in it.

Santa said...

1/64 - Ft Ord - Basic
3/64 - Ft Devens - 33B20 Training
2/65 - Herzo Base 318 ASA (don't remember my trick (A,B,C,D) 33B20 then 33C20, repaired everything electronic. Loved the MOS/Job but not the military BS. Had a few interesting support missions off base.
12/67 22 day early out, home for Christmas, thanks to John Tabosa our company clerk (and a bottle of Crown Royal).

Leroy McMillin said...

Since my last post a few days ago I've gone through my photos to see what I had from my Army days. I assembled the better ones into a video. Take a look.

Rodney Stewart said...

Anybody remember or have photos of a James H. Blackburn in ASA at Fort Devens

Rodney Stewart said...

Sorry, would have been in the 50's retired in 1957. Capt at retirement.

Pipedreams89 said...

George Hilton
I was stationed at USASAFS Rothwesten
from 1969-1971 doing electronic maintenance support of test equipment. Worked in the maintenance building next to operations. If anyone remembers me I'm at

Unknown said...

CSM Bernie Rector (Rectum)

Gnilreeg Ressiv said...

Could someone give me the nowadays adress of Terry E. Phillips He was in your camp in the early 70 ties he visit me in the Netherlands.
my email is

Geerling Visser

John Lewis said...

At Fort Devens from Nov 74 to Jul 75, Fort Sill from Jul 75 to Jul 77. John Lewis here. Lori Blazina, are you out there? Hal Price? Larrymore Combs? Mike Patterson? John Hughes? It's all so mid 20th century!

Skip Ellis said...

Just stopped by to say hello. DLIWC (66-67 Arabic) Ft Devens (67-68 98C20) HHC 303 RR Bn, Long Binh Plantation RVN (68-69 'Jack of all trades') Vint Hill Farms (69-70 81E20 Illustrator). Agent Orange s/c with PTSD diagnosis. Don't remember a lot of names: MSgt Ed Blackadar, SFC Ray Babcock, Sp5 Larry Moriyama, Maj Pfister, Sp4 Mike Dodson, Sp4 Sam Dunbar, SSgt Wynn. Would like to hear from anyone.

Gnilreeg Ressiv said...

Blogger Gnilreeg Ressiv said...
Could someone give me the nowadays adress of Terry E. Phillips He was in your camp in the early 70 ties he visit me in the Netherlands.
my email is

Geerling Visser

April 27, 2015 at 5:37 AM

jan white said...

Hi all 98J 1973 Sinop external signal analyst

Julian Pizana said...

I'm doing this for my father Alto J Trahan.
He had all his Vietnam stuff stolen from our garage when I was a baby.
Trying to find anyone that might have known him or anyone in the area around the same time. Would love to see photos and hear stories. He remember's some, but the more I talk to him and tell him stories, the more he remembers. I love seeing him smile when we find something he recall's or remembers.
Thanks for any help.

FT. DIX NJ. SEP, 1966

treve said...

Don Scrivner. Hello to all my ASA Brothers. I was the Company Clerk for the 146th RR Aviation at Long Thanh North from 6/70 to 6/71. If you were there, please contact me. email dlscrivner@comcast,net

HDavidson2009 said...

Hey all ASA brothers and sisters...ran across this by happenstance this morning. 05G 77-78 Devens, 78-79 Yongsan (Hey Katusa Dave), 79-80 Monmouth MI Det, 80-84 MI Bn CI (Tech) PSF, CA....Went to the darkside 97B then 351B, retired and now the Command Security Manager at TRADOC. Good to see some names I remember on here.

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